Oregano Oil

Hello!  I am keeping a small garden.  In my small garden, I am growing oregano.  I am very excited about this wondrous herb.  It has many different medical purposes.  Oregano is  an antioxidant.  Since I am still new at this getting healthier lifestyles, I had to google “what is an antioxidant.”  I found out that it is basically what helps to break down the bad things in my food.  Oregano is also great for fighting flu and respiratory problems.

Great!  Now I know I need more oregano to help me with my healthier lifestyle.  I do not like to cook, and I am wanted easy ways to start using my oregano.  I decided to attempt to make oregano infused oil.  First of all, let’s make sure you know that infused oil is not the same as essential oil.  Essential oil is made from the pressed oregano.   Infusing is using a carrier oil with the herb.  I followed some easy basic steps to create my infused oil.

Materials needed:

  • Glass jar (I used an old red sauce jar)
  • 4 cups of dried oregano
  • 2 cups of virgin olive oil
  • Strainer

First step was to pick the oregano.  You must rinse and dry the leaves.  I picked them and then left them on the counter to dry.  I picked the herb in the morning, and they were ready at night.  After drying, I was ready to start infusing.  you want to make sure the leaves are dry completely.  If water gets into the oil, it can cause the oil to become rancid.  I did not cut the leaves.  I left the leaves whole.  I poured in the oil with the leaves.  You have to make sure the lid is closed tightly to make sure moisture does not get in the jar.


After I put the oregano leaves in the oil, I boiled it in water for 5 minutes to help speed up the process.   I sat the mixture out for 5 days in our window sill.

Now comes the fun!  Straining!  You have to strain out the oregano leaves from the oil.  A cheese cloth is the best route to go.  If you are like me, you don’t have a cheese cloth.  I use my trusty strainer.  It worked fine.  I did have a few leaves make it through, but I am able to use a spoon and get them out.  What I was left with was a beautiful greenish oil, and boy did it smell yummy! I can’t wait to start cooking with it!


The infused oil must stay in a darker area to help keep it fresh.  I do have a feeling that I will be using my Oregano infused oil in cooking coming up!  I can’t wait to replace butter! Making life style changes it the first step to my healthier life!



First blog post


This is my first blog post ever!  I am working to make a lifestyle change to be healthier.  Some where along the lines, I have gotten so sluggish and need a boost in my life.  I am blogging about how I am making the changes, and the ups and downs of it all.  I will share recipes, workouts, and all the other things that happen from a day to day life.