Garden carrots

I pulled up my carrots from my garden!  I have never grown carrots before, and I probably will never grow them again.  They were super easy to grow, but hard to determine what was a weed, and what was a carrot.  Also, they blew away into my path and into other plants.  I think that having a raised bed ma have been the way to go.  Never the less, I am still proud of am carrots.

carrots from garden

My Carrots

Since this was the 1st time I have grown carrots, I was still looking for sure signs when to pull them.  My seed packet said 60 days.  So, in my head that means 2 months.  I had planted them, and basically, they did their own thing.  My garden is watered daily.  After 2 months, I pulled up one, and it wasn’t an orange color nor was it really large enough.  Naturally I waited some more.  Another week, and I pulled up another carrot, this one looked good.  I am now ready to use them.  Just remember if you grow your own carrots, store them with the green tops on, and never store them close to apples or pears.

One thing people need to know is that store bought food and home grown food do not look the same.  The cute “baby” carrots are given a chlorine bath.   I saw a fox news cast on baby carrots, and I can’t get over it.  Shelf life is very important for the food industry.  Nutrition is not significant. Here is a link to a fox news story:

I can’t wait to make something with them!


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