Samsung Health

Hello everyone!  I am trying to be healthier, and I really want to feel better all around. I have a lot of weight I need to lose, but I also need to better life style.  Food is a big deal in my house, and we need to make better choices.  I have just recently started to use an app on my phone called Samsung Health.  I do not have the expensive pedometer.  The app is free, and it was already programmed on my phone.  All I have to do it use it!  I love free apps that are actually useful!

So far the app is easy to use.  I put the phone in my pocket, and go about my day.  It records my steps for me.  It even tells me what time of day I most active.  You are able to set you goal for steps.  I have mine set at 6,000.  On days I work, I am able to meet my goal, but I struggle on other days.  This information helps me to look at myself.  What times do I need to try to add some movement in my day?  When am I most active?  When am I least active?  What can I do to move more?

samsung health

The app also allows you to measure your heart rate.  All you have to do is put your finger on the sensor (which is the flash on my phone).  Knowing your heart rate is important (or at least that is what my doctor tells me).  Samsung health tells me my resting heart rate should be between 61 and 82.  So, I like to check it while I am resting to make sure that my extra weight has not caused me to have heart problems.  The app also allows you to track your heart rates during different activities (ie resting, exercise)


heart rate

My measured resting heart rate.

Another great feature is the oxygen measuring tool.  My oxygen percent has never been an issue for me, but I love to track it.  With both the Oxygen and heart beats, the app tracks them for you.  You can check to see where you are falling in the weeks.  I have started to see a decrease (a small one) in my resting heart rate.  That is exciting for me.


Comparing my Oxygen stats to the rest of the week.

There is also a part to measure and time your workouts.  My youngest daughter wants to learn to do the splits.  (Oh my Alanta)  So, we have been stretching each night.  I time us, and the app will tell me how many calories I burned.  So, that is a nice added bonus.  It has other physical activities you can measure your time on, and it will tell you the amount calories you burned!  That is a great way to plan a work out.  I chose to put on my screen just stretching and walking.  Right now I am not in the “working-out” phase.  I hope to soon, but not yet.  I have tried to take walks, and the app tells me about my walks.  As you can see, I walked for 17 minutes, for .81 miles.  I think my new goal should be a mile under 15 minutes.


Also, you can track your sleep.  Sleep is a very important part of your day/night.  Sleep is when your body is able to heal itself.  What an amazing thing our body really is!

Cons about the App

How accurate is the steps?  I do not wear a pedometer or a fit bit or a smart phone.  So, I am sure the count is off.  I am not worried about it because it just helps me to increase my steps anyways.  The goal for me is to be more active, not to have a set number.  I am not an exact kind of person, so I am good with it not being right on exact number.  

Another problem I have is that I have to charge up my phone.  While it is charging, I am not able to walk around with my phone.  Once again it goes back to how accurate is it.  I changer it at my desk during the day, and at night when I am relaxing, not really walking around.  My husband has suggested getting a mobile charger to walk around with, but we are trying to save money and not buy extra right now.

The third dilemma I had was that I don’t always have pockets.  So, how to I take my phone with me.  A clip on would help, but I don’t have one of those either, and once again we are trying not to buy extra.

Overall, I am loving the Samsung Health app.  It is making me more accountable for moving and not sitting so much.  How do you use the Samsung Health app?


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