Healthier Tasty Corn

Corn!  As a southern girl, I love some corn!  Dump butter and salt and pepper, and I have a great side dish.  Corn is easy to cook and tastes oh so yummy.  Did you know that corn isn’t high is calories either!  An ear of corn has about the same calories as an apple.

I grabbed a bag of frozen corn, and I was ready to make a healthier side option for dinner tonight.  If you saw my past post, I have just finished making oregano infused oil.  Sad to say, “Bye, bye butter!”  So, I dumped in my frozen corn in a pot, and I added 2 tbsp of my oregano oil.  I added ground pepper for flavoring.  The oregano oil filled the kitchen with a wonderful smell.  I put a lid on it, and I stirred occasionally.  The outcome was a delicious sweet corn dish.  It was easy to make and everyone in my family ate it up!


Materials needed:

  • bag of frozen corn
  • 2 tbsp Oregano infused oil
  • ground pepper


  • put bag of corn in pot
  • add oregano oil
  • add ground pepper
  • put lid on pot
  • stir occasionally

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